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All about STELLA KON
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Stella Kon, a Singapore writer, was born in Edinburgh in 1944. Descended from two old Singapore families: her mother, Rosie Seow, was a great-grand-daughter of Tan Tock Seng, and her father, Dr Lim Kok Ann, is a grand-son of Lim Boon Keng. 

She spent most of her life in Singapore, in "Oberon", a mansion in Emerald Hill as in her most famous work "Emily of Emerald Hill". She takes her biggest writing successes to be in the early eighties, when she came out tops in all three of the National Playwriting Competition in 1979, 1982 and 1985 organised by Singapore's Ministry of Culture.



1975 : The Immigrant and Other Plays
                  The Immigrant
                  Runner of Marathon
                  Hideout in Geylang
                  The Eldest Brother
                  Birds of a Feather

1977 : Emporium and Other Plays
                     The Naga in the Swamp
                     Kumba Kumba
                     In the Repair Shop

1982 : The Trial and Other Plays

1982 : Dracula and Other Stories

1986 : The Scholar and the Dragon [novel]

1989 : Emily of Emerald Hill

1990 : Dragon's Teeth Gate

1992 : Portrait of a Nonya

1992 : Silent Song

1992 : The Bridge

1995 : Eston [novel]

2000 : A Breeding Pair
                   Z is for Zygote
                   To Hatch a Swan

2002 : The Human Heart Fruit

2003 : Exodus (A Journey of Faith): a musical


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