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10 Facts about Catherine Lim
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 | 9:53 AM | 0 comments

10 Facts about Catherine Lim

1. Catherine Lim's novella Leap of Love was made into a movie (The Leap Years) by Singapore's Raintree Pictures in 2008. The movie was directed by Jean Yeo and stars Wong Li-Lin and Ananda Everingham. (I actually remember watching this in the cinema!)

2. She has published more than 20 works.

3. She has 13 siblings!

4. She once wrote an article on the PAP that peeved then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong so much that his press secretary challenged her to enter politics.

5. Her works have been published in the UK, the US, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Israel, Greece, Italy, Spain and Iceland.

6. Major themes in Lim's stories include that of traditional Asian culture (in particular Chinese culture) and women's issues.

7. "I write because I enjoy it. I write about things that interest me - human behaviour, human relationships, the not-so-pleasant abilities people posses to deceive one another, seek revenge, inflict pain. And their capacity to bear it all as well".

8. Lim's inspiration for her stories comes from her personal life experiences. Many of her characters are drawn from her childhood memories, the people she has encountered and her mother's and grandfather's stories that she heard while growing up in Malaysia.

9. She considers herself both a liberal feminist and a conservative.

10. Her 2 collections of short stories, Little Ironies: Short Stories of Singapore and Or Else, The Lightning God and Other Stories have been selected as literature texts for the international GCE O' Level Examinations.

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